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【主题】Statistical Inference for Component Reliability Characteristics based on System Lifetime Data

【报告人】Ng, Hon Keung Tony , 教授

Department of Statistical Science, Southern Methodist University

【时间】 2019530日(星期四)14:00-15:00


摘要In this talk, statistical inference of the reliability characteristics of the components in the system based on the lifetimes of systems with known structure will be discussed. Both systems with independent and dependent components will be considered. Different aspects of statistical inference including parameter estimation, construction of confidence intervals and test of homogeneity of component lifetime distributions will be studied. Monte Carlo simulation study is used to compare the performance of these inferential methods and recommendations are made based on these results. Connection between the current work on system reliability and rank-set sampling will also be discussed.

嘉宾简介Ng, Hon Keung Tony,美国Southern Methodist University (南卫理公会大学)教授。1997年毕业于香港中文大学(统计学学士),2002年毕业于加拿大McMaster University (博士)。主要从事可靠性、生存分析、非参数统计、流行病学统计方法等方面的研究。现任IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Journal of Statistical Computation and SimulationStatistics and Probability Letters, Computational Statistics, Naval Research Logistics, Sequential Analysis等多个国际期刊副主编。出版《Ordered Data Analysis, Modeling and Health Research Methods》等多本统计专著。发表论文百余篇。